"Abstraction" style tattoos

"Abstraction" style tattoos are mostly chosen by those people who want to somehow decorate or transform their body, but do not want to put into a drawing any meaning immediately clear to everyone around.

This style is suitable for non-ordinary people , through such a drawing on their body want to express their uniqueness and originality of thinking, a different perception of the Universe. Those who do not want to live by rules and stereotypes, whose philosophy of life is different from the world view of the majority.

Abstract tattoos don’t oblige their owners to absolutely nothing, so when they are being created, one can switch the power of imagination "on all cylinders" and create true masterpieces of painting on the body. The image may consist only of colored spots, and can be combine patterns, geometric shapes. Of course, these are only general examples, because there can be an infinite quantity of variations. Today, fancy ornaments are most common, they can be placed on body in a certain order or even randomly - it all depends on the imagination of the owner of such a pattern.


As long as abstract drawings do not contain any specific objects and symbols, here the stake is on the ambience, the atmosphere, which is created by a picture. It can be awkward shapes, executed in rich, saturated colors, and then the tattoo will leave the feeling of assertiveness, even some aggression. And if you prefer a streamline, flowing lines and pastel shades, then tattoo will come out tender and feminine.

For some, this art direction looks like a jumble of colors, but it is only at first glance - expertly made abstraction style tattoos carry a lot . In addition, it is fresh and original, and therefore perfect for those who want something unusual and unaccustomed for the eye.

The main advantages of this style of tattoo are:
• versatility - these tattoos are equally suitable for both men and women;
• In the future this drawing can be supplemented with new elements - if you make an abstract tattoo for example, on the shoulder, then over time you can cover in "the same vein" all shoulder or even the whole sleeve;
• in the absence of explicit meaning, the image does not lose relevance at any stage of life.


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