Promotions in our tattoo studio

ONLY THIS WINTER! Join our group VKontakte and get a discount - 10% !!!

Good news, guys!

Every visitor who had a piercing procedure in our studio, whether nose piercing, or microdermal implants, or intimate piercing, etc. - Branded care set for free!

Attention! Termless promotion!

If you do two piercings at once, the third puncture of any classic piercing without any decoration for free!

Let's say that you're going to do two piercings simultaneously and do not need the third one. In this case, you can bring a friend, a girlfriend, and thus give a free puncture as a gift. The price will include only a decoration.

Or you can bring your own decoration, and the third piercing with inserting it will be for free!

The classical piercing includes such punctures as:

- puncture of nose alae;

- navel piercing;

- piercing of the ear lobe;

- piercing of the ear cartilage (pinna);

- tongue piercings (tongue piercing with a passport and age 18 + )


Our tattoo studio "Montana" provides a 20% discount on tattoo your on your birthday!

The discount is valid for two days prior to the date of birth and, accordingly, two days after.

As a result, you get five days to spare.


- Discount begins to work from 5000 rubles.!

- Tattoo is performed by appointment only in this case!

- Registration is done in person ( not on the phone ) and with prepayment!

- The discount is not valid for guests with gift certificates!

- You should bring your passport



In our studio of Tattoo and body piercing, you can purchase a branded gift certificate and to make happy your close friends, dear people, presenting them with such an unusual and vintage gift!

The budget of deposit of the certificate, you set by yourself, whether it's piercing or a tattoo.

You can have a look at the initial price list on our website in section "prices" : ( prices ).


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If you choose the language of tattoo to communicate the world - welcome to the club, amigo!