"Biomechanics" Style Tattoos

"Biomechanics" Style Tattoos often don’t represent anything, but they create an image of invincibility and supernatural, "steel" strength.

The basic philosophy of Biomechanics style is "that's what I have inside." This art seems repulsive to some, but true connoisseurs of cyberpunk and those just wishing to stand out from the crowd, and in a special way to show their nature will certainly find a lot of advantages in Biomechanics.

Biomechanics as a style of tattoo appeared in 1980s The inspirer of this style is considered to be Hans Rudi Giger –a Swiss surrealist painter. As a founder of biomechanical genre in painting, he was the author of the scenery for the sensational film "Alien" (1979), for which it was awarded "Oscar" for the best visual effects. And after the movie "Terminator" this style has firmly taken its place in the hearts and minds of fans of tattoo art.

The essence of Biomechanics style in a realistic, three-dimensional view, transmitting the symbiosis of human flesh and machinery. Visually, using the technique of optical illusion, the artist makes you believe that the person in front of you is a robot, a man-machine. Playing with shadows and color reproduction the artist transmits a reality of connection of tissues, muscles, tendons, with all kinds of wires, chips, levers, gears, hoses and metal parts. Skin disruptions and entrails depth are naturally portrayed.

A typical biomechanical design is a metal piece, as if protruding from a torn body, different images of printed circuit boards, microchips, wires, hoses, hydraulics and other mechanical elements that create an illusion of continuation of body parts. Images of various fantastic creatures that seem to break free out of the body are popular.

Men with such tattoos look bold and brutal , emphasizing their high physical capacity. If you choose the right image, you can emphasize the volume of your muscles, or even enlarge them visually a little.

Biomechanics Tattoo or Cibermechanics looks too rude and intimidating, so not every lady can have the heart to "slash" her perfect body. However, some extraordinary women still choose this style. Tattoos look good on the sides, "opening" the edges and small metal tubes with wires. Sometimes girls place a fragment of a mechanism on an arm or leg. If you add more colors and circular elements, and give flexibility to hoses, it can become quite a feminine and exclusive picture.

Biomechanics is an elaborate style , it is important to correctly pick in the shadows, lights and undertones, to create the necessary contrast, correctly choose the color scale, to pay special attention to detail, that is why the procedure can take several sessions.


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