"Blackwork" style tattoos

Someone likes colored designs on body, and someone just adores black. Tattoos based exclusively on black are usually called "Blackwork" (English blackwork - Work in black). The square of Malevich, which covers almost the entire back of the carrier, and ideally black sleeves, can be attributed to this category.

The name itself implies that there are large black areas in the disign (tint or half-tint) and there are no other colors (though occasionally speckles of red or white elementsare made). Such tattoos don't have reference to gender, they are equally perfect for both men and women. Sometimes it's just a pretty picture, and sometimes - a whole story on body, a comic strip, a kind of a secret sign, intended only to its owner.

Many say that tattoos are never done for no reason, that it should be based on some personal experiences, important events. Blackwork style completely refutes this statement - it is designed exclusively for people to do a tattoo just because of its appearance. Undoubtedly, some of the tattoos Blackwork are based on the life experience of the person, but this condition is not a must. Blackwork with confidence can be called art, which aims solely beauty, "a tattoo for a tattoo."

Blackwork style tattoos are often used for covering skin imperfections; it is also one of the most convenient ways to cover old tattoos, scars. Due to large dark areas in the design and abundance of graphic lines, such a tattoo is best to hide the scars.

Despite the fact that Blackwork is considered a separate style, its echoes can be seen in many others. And for such styles as the Dotwork, Tribal, Ethnic tattoos and Buddhist / Thai tattoos. It is the basis.

Surprisingly well Blackwork is combined with scarification - finished works look very impressive.

Simple and inelaborate by sight Blackwork style tattoo is indeed meticulous work of a master. A tattoo artist with wide experience should do the job in this style; novices may not always cope with it. A tattoo artist should feel well the machine and the specifics of the human skin.

Good masters ask for a considerable amount for the implementation of a Blackwork style tattoo. Blackwork tattoos can be called ones of the most expensive, since they often cover large areas of the body and require a lot of time for their creation and more thorough care. Colour fading or spaces can turn a tattoo into absolute bad taste and trash. It is blackness and colour purity which are a mark of Blackwork tattoos.


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