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For any tattoo of great importance is not only clarity and neatness of the picture, but the observance of all safety rules when being made. Another important factor is considered to be the cost. Prices in tattoo studios can depend on many factors. Choosing a tattoo studio is a very difficult and important task: it is necessary to pay attention to compliance with all rules of hygiene, as well as the experience and qualifications of artists. Tattoo Montana, of course, meets all these requirements.

Our studio's artists use the newest equipment and dyes of high quality in their work. Each of our professionals has over 10 years of experience – this guarantees one hundred percent certainty that the tattoo will be a success. If you want to get a tattoo of highest quality and safety of work not affected by it's price – please contact our studio.

How much does navel or nose piercing cost: prices, favorable to all

We also offer our services in such a popular area as piercing. Prices on various kinds of body piercing and tattoos are listed on our website. You can be sure that the prices are really affordable and allow you to transform yourself.

If you are concerned about not only the question of price, but also how successful shall the procedure be - you can get all the information from our masters.


Moles imitation - 1000 roub.

3х4 centimeters size (matchbox) from 2000 roub.

9х5 centimeters size (cigarette pack) from 3000 roub.

Restoration of tattoos price starts from 2000 roub.

Correction of tattoos price starts from 3000 roub.

Permanent makeup


Upper or lower eyelid - 6000 roub.
Both eyelids - 7000 roub.


6000-7000 roub.


Microdermal - 3000 roub.

Tongue piercing - (puncture + anaesthetic + adornment) - 1000 roub.

Nose piercing - (puncture + adornment) - 1000 roub.

Navel piercing - (puncture + anaesthetic + adornment) - 1000-1500 roub.

Lip piercing - (puncture + adornment) - 1000 roub.

Planar piercing - (puncture + anaesthetic + adornment) - 1200 roub.

"Smile" piercing - (puncture + anaesthetic + adornment) - 1500 roub.

"Industrial" piercing - (puncture + adornment) - 1500 roub.

Earlobe piercing - (needle puncture + adornment) - 1000 roub.

Intimate piercing - (puncture + anaesthetic + adornment) - 2000 roub.

Eyebrow piercing - (puncture + adornment) - 1000 roub.

Pinna piercing - (puncture + adornment) - 1000 roub.

Septum piercing - (puncture + adornment) - 1500 roub.

Tragus piercing - (puncture + adornment) - 1500 roub.

All questions and consulting by phone: 8 (495) 690-35-19

Moscow, Arbat street 13, "MONTANA" tattoo studio

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