"Hieroglyphics" style tattoos

"Hieroglyphics" style tattoos

Tattoo Chinese characters have become popular in the West several decades ago. Chinese characters is an art form, a mysterious and exotic, the best way to apply tattoos. Kanji tattoo designs carry the originality and mysticism, because their value almost nobody knows except for the owner.

The popularity of tattoos-hieroglyphs in the West is associated largely with the fact that handwritten characters in traditional Chinese culture have exquisite beautiful lines, perfect for tattoo art.

In most cases, to choose a small tattoo inscription, the meaning of which is known to the owner. There are options more complex, which is composed of several forms and can give the whole story. In this case, a tattoo with the kanji successfully cope with the task to convey the complex and unique story on a fairly small area.

Tattoo kanji very useful in that they can have both large and small volumes. A symbol can mean one word or even a phrase. Tattoo characters equally harmoniously can look at any area of the body, both women and men. Most often, Chinese characters tattoos placed on the hands and neck. Often the characters in the tattoo occur in conjunction with any of the images, often of Japanese motifs (cherry blossoms, dragons, koi).

For many people, making a tattoo with Japanese or Chinese symbols, the character is a "body talisman", which protects and warns the owner or bearer of bad misfortunes. At least a media tattoo (and among them such celebrities as Angelina Jolie) believe that their success is contributed and their unusual, unique and amazing tattoo.

Popular in Eastern culture thing is the horoscope. It is difficult to find someone who at least once in my life been interested in its sign of the zodiac, and predictions according to horoscopes. It is therefore not surprising the fact that clients of tattoo parlours often choose as underwear pattern sign of the zodiac, its symbol in the Chinese horoscope.

Of course, before applying the tattoo, you must carefully figure out the meaning of the character, not to be in a ridiculous situation if you happen to meet up with native speakers when you may find that your character is not what you thought. Only one hyphen changes the meaning of the character on the opposite. Make sure you have a reliable source of translation and that the intended phrase is translated correctly.


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