Do you need tattoo artist? Address to the tattoo studio Montana

If you want to get a tattoo and are looking for a good tattoo artist, you have got the right address. Tattoo studio "Montana" is glad to provide you with the services of experienced and creative professionals.

One of the benefits of addressing to our tattoo studio is that we do not limit ourselves to work only in one direction. Here you can make use of services of tattoo masters and artists, as well as the services of a specialist in permanent tattoo makeup (tattooing) and piercing master (lip piercing, nose piercing, navel piercing, and other types of piercing).

Dozens of tattoo artists are working in the capital today. However, the best tattoo artist are well known and they are few. We are proud of the fact that these tattoo masters work in our salon. You can confirm this by yourself, you can familiarize yourself with samples of finished works, and customer reviews. For you, on the website we have placed photos of tattoos made by our specialists - without many words they speak about the level of our masters’ professionalism


Whichever master you address, you can be sure that each of them is really a virtuoso in the chosen specialty, able to fulfill all your wishes and decorate your body with the most complex tattoo in any of the popular styles. If you are interested in tattoo "Old School" - you can also get these services in our studio: tattoo will be done according to your sketch or sketches that will be done for you by our tattoo artist


The objective of our tattoo studio is to make every customer look more beautiful and original, to allow them to express their mood and personality. No matter what tattoo style you would like to choose - you can be sure that our specialists will successfully cope with the task


For a tattoo to bring joy, it should be done only by professionals!


Russian Federation
Arbat street, 13
Entrance from yard through the gate from Bolshoi Afanasevsky lane
+7 (495) 690-35-19


If you choose the language of tattoo to communicate the world - welcome to the club, amigo!