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This section is dedicated to those who are sincerely interested in the art of tattooing - principles, technologies and processes of applying original and colorful images of the human body.

Our studio provides an opportunity for everyone to go through a tricenary training course.

Recruitment and enrollment is strictly individual, as well as the training itself


A student is attached to a master, and under his guidance passes a course, which is divided into several sections


The first one which is very important is getting acquainted with the master, his original theory of the origin of tattoos and myths about "temporary" tattoos, their harmful effects on the world around us (random part of it).

Next, those enriched with the knowledge about what the tattoo is and how to treat it, get acquainted with professional terminology, power equipment, names and purpose of tools, cleaning and sterilizing methods, marking consumable materials (mandatory part).

The answers to the questions: where to get? From whom to buy? how much does it cost? – will get only the selected ones in a murky secret


The next section of the course is getting used to the master, ie to his appearance, equipment and machinery, working with him, understanding the creative process with the analysis and conclusions for a student: "Do I need it?" (This applies both to the arbitrary and mandatory parts of the training)

Within one - one and a half weeks the student, alias learner, alias journeyman, observes his own master, and the work of other masters and delve into the subject .

At the same time, the student is loaded with errands, such as: wash and sterilize tools, “dogsbody”, don’t flicker and at the same time do not breathe down neck, brew and drink tea, skillfully approach a client, discuss a sketch, etc. etc., constantly remembering why he is here and what fervently wishes to learn.

After 10, 13,14 days depending on the student's agility and ability to grasp in a single flash, we will smoothly move on to practical exercises, which include application of simple (primitive) pictures - drawings on various kinds of surfaces: a banana peel or orange, artificial skin models and so on.

The ability to choose a sketch and prepare tools for work are mandatory here..

At the same time, such necessary traits as perseverance, slow pace, understanding all the importance and responsibility of the process are developed.

In the future, trainees will be provided with more living "objects" for tattooing to familiarize themselves in more detail with certain parts of the human body, to make a tattoo with their own hands and feel themselves a master.


So, dear future masters, at the end of a training course you will have to pass a kind of examination, after which you will get the original certificate of the studio testifying that you have completed training specializing in art tattoo, etc. per the list.

Stamp. Signature.

In addition, during the training course we are ready to provide, explain and show everything as far as possible without keeping anything back. To teach the simplest and more complex principles and techniques of tattooing on body and limbs.

However we do not undertake to make you a first-class tattoo artist


As practice shows everything is individual, from each according to their ability, and ...

practice, practice and more practice


Practice - brings experience


Of course, we can write a lot about all this, but it is better to hear everything, to experience first-hand for a better understanding of the issue. And we invite everyone interested to our salon -boutique, «MONTANA» tattoo studio.

Training price 30 000 rubles.(30 days)

We can answer all the questions on phone: 8 (495) 690-35-19 or directly in the studio. Come to visit us to talk, get acquainted, drink coffee.

Ask us and we will answer you, tell you and show!

Call! Write! Ask!


Russian Federation
Arbat street, 13
Entrance from yard through the gate from Bolshoi Afanasevsky lane
+7 (495) 690-35-19


If you choose the language of tattoo to communicate the world - welcome to the club, amigo!