Piercing of all kinds in Montana studio

Despite the fact that piercing parlors appeared relatively recently, people attempted decorating their bodies and doing piercings since ancient times. The punctures were being done not only for a beautiful appearance but, first and foremost, to determine person's status in society and as amulets against evil forces. In India ornaments in woman's nose say that she has already found a spouse even today.

Some time ago the young rebels did piercings to express some protest against society, and today piercing is a way of self-expression and a stylish decoration.

We offer different types of piercing services in our studio. You can choose puncture and decoration that will fit your image. Our experienced craftsmen know their work and use only safe and sterile equipment.

Kinds of piercing Montana studio offers are:

We also offer beautiful adornments for all kinds if piercing

If you want the piercing process to be quick and painless, the place where the piercing is installed to heal quick and the decoration to look good – come to our piercing parlor on Old Arbat street.


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