интимный пирсинг

Intimate body piercing: male and female

Intimate piercing is not only an original decoration of your body, but also additional sensations during sex. Both men and women want to make their partners more excited.

Female intimate piercing is completely safe, but there are not many options.

For men such a decoration can provoke an undesirable result - physiological dysfunctions due to the formation of scar tissue


Therefore, separate piercing methods have been developed for men. Intimate piercing for both men and women heals for about a month. Sex is not recommended during the healing period.

Intimate piercing contraindications

  • blood diseases
  • systemic diseases of internal organs (lungs, kidneys, heart)
  • skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, abrasions)
  • chronic diabetes
  • lowered immunity
  • toxicomania, alcoholism, drug addiction
  • allergy to metals

Once a client has made an intimate piercing in our studio, the master is required to give a memo. In the memo there are all the basic rules for taking care of the puncture place, as well as medicines that accelerate the healing process.

Intimate piercing (female) - (puncture + anesthesia + decoration) from 1200 rubles

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