Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup prices:

Upper or lower eyelid - 6000 roubles
Both eyelids - 7000 roubles
Eyebrows - 6000 - 7000 roubles

Eyebrows permanent makeup It allows to give eyebrows both shape and color that don't need to be adjusted on a daily basis. Special application techniques allow achieving maximally natural eyebrows effect.

The main difference from conventional tattooing is the procedure of application. Special colorant is injected to a shallow depth. The resulting effect of permanent makeup lasts for 3-5 years.

High-quality permanent makeup can determined at a glance: the eyebrows will be drawn imperceptibly and naturally. The natural shape of eyebrows is not always ideal. Professional skill is not only to qualitatively apply the pigment under the skin, but also to pick up the most appropriate form of eyebrows for each customer.

How it looks

The eyebrow – most popular among women, even as permanent makeup eyes and eyelids. Eyes help a woman to Express your opinion and seduce any man! We offer you the tattoo of the eye and eyelid that will allow you to always look before turning, even just waking up.

Tattoo eye is currently one of the most popular. Because now you can not worry about how to look good to be caught in the rain or snow – you can forget about such problems as leaking hoses and ramasauskas paint. Besides, this is a huge time saver. You can choose a tattoo of the eye will be optimal for you. It can be bright or barely noticeable makeup Foundation, which can emphasize and change the mood. Also the tattoo of the eye allows to get rid of such problems as Allergy to cosmetics and defects in the structure of the century.

The wizard:

Permanent makeup in our salon, will be made by the best masters of their craft. Extensive experience and professionalism will satisfy even the most demanding clients. The work will be done beautifully and painlessly! Our price for eyebrow makeup, and other services will pleasantly surprise lovely women with their availability. 

The wizard:

Come, enjoy and be forever beautiful and attractive!

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