Tattoo is not a way to attract people's attention to the beauty of your body only, but rather an act of self-expression. Let's not forget, however, that this decoration will stay with you for life, so you need to approach the choice of studio and master who will do it with all the responsibility.

To stop on the right option where to get a tattoo, you need to know the qualifications, the experience of artists and to have seen some of their works. We are very pleased to admit how many people choose to get a tattoo in our "Montana" studio. Tattoo is not just a profession for us, but most importantly a passion of life.

If you are still wondering where and how to make a tattoo, we invite you to visit our studio and take a closer look at our work. Our masters will easily produce even exclusive tattoos, as well as characters or drawings of birds and animals.

Artistic tattoo at Montana studio

It is believed among those who are familiar with the desire to make a tattoo, that this decision is most often taken when a person realizes that he has reached a certain point in his life - and wants something in it to change. They say tattoos change the fate. Even a small tattoo can be a source of new sensations, impressions, and inspire for unusual activity or new acquaintances.

It should be understood: when applied to skin the drawing becomes a part of your body forever. Artistic tattoo is the display of your nature, your inner world and thoughts. It is virtually impossible to get rid of, that's why the "I'm getting a tattoo" decision should not be spontaneous - it is worth to be considered carefully .

You can get such kinds of tattoos in our studio as, for example:

• Men's tattoos are the courage, aggression and expression. Men's tattoos are usually placed on exposed skin regions for everyone to see. It's not just just a drawing on the body, but pride and a way to tell about yourself, your big muscles on you great body, your strong energy... Men's tattoos are, therefore, usually larger in size than women's. Real style, charm and strength. 

• Blackwork tattoo - it is stylish. Black colour is the symbol of power. It is a kind of charm. Not coincidentally, many people prefer black-and-white photos, drawings in pencil and ink. Black tattoo is the clarity, it's the only right choice in all and always, it is a sense of mystery, infinity, power. It does not distract, clearly showing what you wanted to tell the world and yourself.

Values tattoo:

• Tattoo wolf

Do not believe the tales, the wolf is not a stupid animal. Wolf has qualities worthy of praise: if the battle – to victory (or death), if you love something faithfully. That is why many men opt for the tattoo of a wolf. Tattoo wolf looks great on almost any part of the body, but most often it is applied to the forearm or chest. Tattoo wolf not only makes a man fearless and hardy, ferocious and cruel, but strong and attractive.

• Tattoo butterfly

Tattoo bbcradio insect? Butterfly! The beautiful attracts the beautiful. That is why many girls opt for a butterfly tattoo. This, truly feminine, tattoo no obligation, but at the same time, perfectly highlights the beauty. Mostly it is applied to the shoulder, lower back or ankle. The butterfly tattoo can carry a different meaning depending on the culture and the person. Basically, tattoo a butterfly means rebirth, the transition to a new stage of life, exquisite beauty and freedom points.

• Tattoo cat

Walk by themselves, independent, sensitive, relevant to the afterlife realm? Cats! Tattoo cats are very popular with the fair sex. Because many of them want to be in something similar to these free and graceful creatures. Tattoo cats often cause the ankle or shoulder. By the way, tattoos the cats will add mystery and sexuality. Not by chance around these lovely creatures so much mystery and speculation.

• Tattoos of angels

Well, when the guardian angel always there to protect and stores. Tattoo angel helps a person to feel secure and symbolize a relationship with God and closeness to the spiritual world. Tattoos of angels are popular both among men and among women. Moreover, tattooing of angel can be practically all over the body. "Bless you, faithfully, angel!"

• Tattoo tiger

Venturing to get a tattoo of a tiger, you will feel the inflow of to their human qualities, strength of a tiger. The tiger is anger, power, strength, speed, cruelty, beauty. In China, for example, tattoo tiger is used for the confrontation with evil. It definitely adds to your determination, energy and importance. Mostly tiger tattoo applied to the shoulder or the breast in men. For girls, the tiger is intriguing, and put it preferably on the chest, shoulder or ankle.

• Tattoo dragons

Dragon unites the bird and the snake, matter and spirit, evil and good. And the two dragons is a balance of Yin and Yang. Tattoos of dragons are very popular among both men and women. Moreover, the place for tattoos can be quite varied. In General, the tattoos of dragons – the source of wisdom, power, courage, and loyalty. Tattoo dragons are not for everyone, but especially!

• Tattoo hieroglyphics

Tattoo kanji is the most popular and interesting, symbolic body adornment, is not always clear to all. This and attractive, but also because the tattoo characters may be small in size but carrying a lot of information. Tattoo hieroglyphs carry both explicit and implicit meaning. It is important to understand it, and choose the one that suits you. After all, characters can be both a talisman and a talisman against evil, and attracting trouble. Well-chosen character can be applied on practically any area of the body.

• Tattoo Scorpio

Tattoo Scorpio is, above all, beautiful and attractive. Not coincidentally, many people believed Scorpions divine beings that can kill and cure. Sting of the Scorpion – deadly weapons, and therefore, do not pay attention to it, is not permissible. Tattoo Scorpio can apply both on male and on the female body. Often girls do this tattoo on calf, shoulder, and the men on the back, chest, shoulder. Tattoo Scorpio – it's intrigue and appeal, the sign of death and punishment.

• Tattoo snake

With a snake no one wants to communicate, but at the same time, many people choose this decoration for their body, the tattoo of the serpent. If you notice, the snake accompanies almost all of a female deity, carrying a sign of fertility and intuitiveness. Snake venom kills and heals deadly diseases... a Lot of opposites notation found in tattoo snake due to the large number of mythological stories, mysterious and not always unambiguous. Often this tattoo (men and women) is applied to the shoulder, arm or ankle. Tattoo snake - it power, independence, wisdom, mystery.

• Tattoo flowers

The girl is the soul of the flower. That's why so many tattoo flowers decorate the female body. Tattoo flowers can be both color and black and white color. White tattoo flowers symbolize spiritual and physical purity. Tattoo colors bright colors indicate the brightness and passion of nature, impulsivity, and emotionality. Each individual flower has its own love story. For example, the Lotus is pure love, Tulip – good, violet is a shy, iris – wise... But all of these are facets of love. Choosing a picture for a tattoo, many girls stop on the image colors. Tattoo flowers represent femininity and attractiveness, personality and originality. Tattoo flowers occur mainly in girls and almost all parts of the body. Do not forget that flowers is a common name, but because of their great variety: roses, lilies, orchids, daisies, etc. Each individual colors tattoo carries its own meaning, their information and energy. One thing unites them – the intense beauty.

•Tattoo cross

The cross is important, it is the oldest symbol of mankind. Tattoo cross known since ancient times and has not lost its popularity today. His line is the Father and Mother Nature, male and female, Yin and Yang, overlapping in the line of connection of material and spiritual synthesis. Tattoo the cross is a symbol of life, eternity and spirit. The most popular is the Celtic cross, because they do not carry meaning. Tattoo cross beautiful and deep in meaning, they mean constant spiritual growth and development. Applied tattoo cross, mainly on the chest and forearm. Note, religious themes often used in the criminal world.

• Tattoo bear

Bear is familiar to us from childhood fairy tales. Basically, he is kind, wise and strong. In Russia, the bear is always treated with reverence and respect. The bear is the symbol of the Russian nation. Tattoo the bear is a truly masculine tattoo. Put it more often on the shoulder or on the back. Tattoo the bear is uncommon, but that its value has not become simpler and clearer. Tattoo bear at the same time can be interpreted as strength, courage, power, and peace of mind and self-knowledge.

• Tattoo Panther

"Even in a cage, a Panther ready to jump." Despite the fact that the beliefs of Christians Panther rescued people from the evil spirit, tattoo, the Panther symbolizes the aggressiveness, ferocity and ruthlessness. Panther tattoo can be applied to the man's shoulder, arm, back, chest, and the female body, emphasizing grace and elegance. Tattoo Panther helps a person become more resilient and strong.

• Tattoo the sun

Tattoo sun, wherever you are located, always ascending! Tattoo the sun carries many meanings: infinity and isolation, the power, the force, purpose, and knowledge. It is very popular, but at the same time, always different. After all, the sun tattoo can portray a sinister and menacing, bright and beautiful, kind and gentle, inaccessible and overbearing. In any case, the Sun is the symbol of light, rebirth and eternal truth.


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