Intimate tattoos

You can find many ways to diversify your life and the live of your second half. One of them is an erotic tattoo. For an intimate tattoo people usually choose pictures with erotic content or neutral images, which are located near or around the private parts, and emphasize the individuality and beauty of your body.

Both women and men opt for intimate tattoos in our studio. Most often they choose drawings in the New School style or sensual, seductive patterns.

In addition to static pictures that excite imagination, experienced masters of Montana studio draw dynamic intimate tattoos that can "come to life" when your move or acquire relieves due to your body's curves. Such images are particularly popular with girls.

Intimate tattoos drawn in our studio will let you diversify your sex life and bring new sensations into the relationship with your partner.

Prices for intimate tattoos in "Montana" studio:

  • Size 3х4 см (matchbox) - from 2000 rubles.
  • Size 9х5 см (cigarette pack) - from 3000 rubles.

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