Correction and restoration of tattoos

However well a tattoo may be drawn, with time its colours lose brightness and freshness, they fade. Besides, due to changes of the skin structure, tattoo outlines also change, becoming less clear.

Depending on the skin type, this process can be faster or slower, but it is believed that a tattoo should be restored at least once every five years.

The word restoration to refer to tattoos renewal procedure as used for good reason: a professionally drawn tattoo is a work of art that requires a certain care


If a tattoo was done in a professional studio, its restoration is considered a simple enough matter. Restoration of artisanal tattoos is much more complex, and it can be well performed by highly skilled masters only.

In the process of restoration, on a clients request, a master can change the color, hide or add lines. Changing of the color of certain parts of a tattoo also has its own rules: it is relatively easy to replace a light color with a darker one, for example, yellow can be painted over with red. A reverse exchange is rather complicated and involves partial removal of a pattern with a laser. All would-be changes should be discussed in advance with a master.

Quite often there are situations when a client simply gets tired of a tattoo. Sometimes, it does not correspond to the age of a person.

A different story is when a shocked customer suddenly gets to know the translation of beautiful foreign words or hieroglyphs, drawn in the distant youth


, There are two ways out of this situation:

  • The removal of a drawing from the skin with a laser or covering an old drawing with new is so-called cover-up
  • .
  • The second option is much more advantageous from a financial point of view: application of a new tattoo will cost you several times cheaper than complete destruction of the old one with the use of a laser

An experienced master will make a new picture so that it will completely cover the old one, using all its lines. However, in this case it is almost always that a new tattoo will be a little larger and darker than the old one.

With the help of tattoos it is also possible to hide old scars and some other skin blemishes. Contacting the tattoo studio "Montana", you will get a detailed advice on how you can change your tattoo.

Our masters discuss all the details of the future picture and seek as much as possible to realize the wishes of clients.


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