Тату на икрах

Tattoos on calves

Tattoos on calves are much rarer than the drawings on the shoulders, back or hands. However, in recent years it is also one of the most popular types of tattoos. In this part of the legs different three-dimensional images look great, twin drawings on both legs are also in great demand.

Tattoos on calves are often chosen by the representatives of the stronger sex. It is not surprising, because such tattoos are versatile enough - they are not visible under trousers, and in free time from work they perfectly emphasize the individuality of the owner. Young people with a tattoo on the calves look spectacular on the beaches and other recreational areas.

Masters of our salon make a variety of tattoos on the calves. Their professionalism allows to apply not only standard images, but also take into account all the wishes of a client. Most often our experts have to portray Celtic patterns or compositions, completely covering the surface of the calf.

The cost of a tattoo on the calf in our studio - from 2000 rubles

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