Тату Надписи

Tattoo writings

A tattoo can tell a lot about a person and their life. Celebrities all over the world are trying to reflect the important and memorable moments of their life with the help of tattoos on body.

One of the most common variants of tattoo is the inscription. They look beautiful, elegant and emphasize certain human outlook on life.

How to make perfect tattoo inscriptions, and what to pay attention to when choosing them?

Specifics of tattoos - inscriptions and principles of their choice. So, what can a tattoo inscription represent?

  • A commemorative date or an important event that changed a person’s life;
  • A name of a close or loved one;
  • Aphorisms;
  • Quotes from books or movies.

There can be a huge amount of variants and fonts of inscriptions. For example, a tattoo inscription can occupy just a couple of centimeters on the body and to be invisible, and can cover a much greater part of the body. It all depends on individual preferences. People who make a tattoo usually for the first time prefer small inscriptions that look very nice.

If people want to really express themselves, it is best to choose a bigger variant of tattoo.

What should you definitely remember before heading to the studio?

  1. The price of a tattoo cost and its availability for a person;
  2. The exact translation of the inscription and its interpretation;
  3. Desired place for tattooing

It is important that people always know the literal translation of their tattoos, if done in a foreign language. The point is that some clients choose one or another sign only because it looks and sounds beautiful. However, the translation may not be that much flattering and nice. For this reason, it is better to think in advance about this circumstance.

Of course, the cost should be considered. Usually the price of a tattoo depends on the size and complexity of implementation. The larger the tattoo is, the higher will be the price. However, it is not worth economizing on the way of self-expression. It is better to trust a tried master who will be able to create a masterpiece on your body. A good specialist can help a person with a choice of inscription and its correct interpretation.

In any case, tattoo inscriptions always look nice and emphasize a person’s character, mood and outlook on the world.


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If you choose the language of tattoo to communicate the world - welcome to the club, amigo!