Protective tattoos

Magical properties of ritual drawings on body have been widely used in ancient times, perhaps the tradition to do protecting tattoos comes from there. Now we also need protection, a talisman that would protect us from hostile forces and attract good luck. Protective tattoos are becoming more popular among the visitors of our studio.

Sacred symbols, pictures of animals, magic signs and phrases from the sacred texts - our masters can do all of this in a form of a protective tattoo on your body. The effect of such protection is rooted in the quantum theory and ancient magic rituals. It is believed that a tattoo into which we put some semantic meaning, acts as a kind of anchor. A protective tattoo is like a start button of state which generates desired events.

Our artists draw protecting tattoos that bring health, luck and scare away evil forces.

The price of protecting tattoos in our studio is from 2000 rubles .

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