Sexy Tattoos

Of all the ways of allurement and seduction a sexy tattoo is one of the most effective. In our studio such tattoos are chosen mostly by women; because it is them who tend to decorate their body in order to make a man like it. Sexy tattoos can be erotic placed on the intimate places, and can be only a slight hint of a possible pleasure. Sometimes a tattoo located, for example, on the stomach, excites in particular with its promise of pleasure.

The plot of Sexy tattoos can be very diverse. Usually, it is a playful composition or a sensual pattern. There are several types of erotic tattoos, usually they are all performed in the «New School» style which is popular today. Particularly popular are sexy tattoos with a pattern of stars and dolphins, cats and birds. Tattoos in the form of Hieroglyphs have not lost their relevance either.

A Sexy Tattoo is one of the surest ways to diversify your sex life, bring something new and unusual into the relationship. Venture upon a bold step - tempt your loved on again and again


The price of a sexual tattoo in the studio"Montana" - from 2000 rubles.

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