On the lower back

Men consider female tattoos on the lower back very tempting, and always pay attention to the girls, who have such a tattoo. The base of the spine and lower back in many spiritual practices are considered to be a powerful energy zone on the human body, because that is where a famous Kundalini energy starts...

Female tattoos on the leg

Today tattoos have become available not only for harsh men, but fragile young ladies have also got the right to decorate their bodies as they like. For example, these days female tattoos on the leg are considered fashionable.

On the back

It is impossible to the back without a mirror, nevertheless, there is a wish to decorate your body with a tattoo. Someone makes a tattoo for oneself, and someone to please a loved one. In any case, female tattoos on the back are an extraordinary way to express their individuality.

Female tattoos on the neck

So far, the attitude to tattoos has changed drastically. Now few people will be surprised by female tattoos on the neck. Society has become much more loyal and tattoos can be done by young girls, old ladies, and serious business-women.


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